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Airbags Australia produce a range of BUSCAT™ air springs (airsprings or air bags) to be used as replacement parts in buses and trucks.

These air springs consist of a rubber cylinder enclosing a chamber of air which when positioned between the wheel and the vehicle’s body, absorb the wheel's movement. The air spring must undergo a large number of cycles and a quality product is crucial to ensuring a long part life.

BUSCAT™ air springs are produced to high standards and are made of the best quality rubber and rubber substitutes to ensure long life under these arduous conditions. BUSCAT™ air springs significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs of bus fleets.

The BUSCAT™ range of air springs is suitable for bus models such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Renault, Man and Scania. Use the air spring product selector (in the menu) to find details of a particular BUSCAT™ air spring or download our product catalogues from the list below containing all of our current products in pdf format.

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Stock ZH-401 - ZH-433

Stock ZH-434 - ZH-440

Stock ZH-441 - ZH-450

Stock ZH-451 - ZH-460

Stock ZH-461 - ZH-470

Stock ZH-471 - ZH-475

Stock ZH-476 - ZH-485

Stock ZH-486 - ZH-501

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